STEM Insight for Community College Students


Start Your Educational Path to a Successful Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math Degree

​A community college can provide a high-velocity entry to your STEM career. Our nation’s community colleges offer economical, high-value alternatives to traditional universities in a wide range of fields. The community college delivers an educational path to success with access to accomplished professors — as well as the introductory classes or prerequisites you might need whether your set on a focused certificate, associate degree, technical degree or advanced degree. 

Other key advantages include:

  • Transfer agreements with universities
  • Many degrees with same accreditation as universities
  • Professional certificates
  • Online course options

Guide to Your STEM Degree

Whether you are working toward an advanced degree, associate degree or a focused certification, your imagination is your only limitation. Consider what you could achieve in just two years at a dynamic community college.

Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.)

Hone the technical skills you need to enter the workforce quickly, productively and competitively. Typically, the A.A.S. takes about two years to complete on a full-time schedule. It includes a few basic courses, such as math and English, but focuses on the specific skills you need to succeed.

Certificate Programs

Earn a certificate to develop a high-demand skill set in a flash — about two years if you are attending full time. Compensation can be higher for those earning a technical degree, but a certificate can help you build mastery in a specific area to position yourself for a promotion or enter a particular STEM field quickly.

Professional Pathways

Turbo-charge your career by continuing your education. You may have landed the job but might be encountering roadblocks to advancement without a bachelor's degree. When you return to college, you can complete your degree in just about three years. Begin your STEM journey today.



Find a super selection of continuously updated STEM resources, including instructional tools, professional organizations in our areas, and local career opportunities. 

Local Events

Attend energizing academic, professional and research-related events in your area. Here, you can search ways to participate in STEM-related workshops, conferences, organizations and speaker series. 

STEM Careers

Discover information on some of the fastest growing STEM careers in North Texas. You’ll find starting salaries, expected job growth, educational pathways and more.

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