STEM Success Stories

Meet some remarkable STEM students, educators and professionals — representing a variety of backgrounds, academic levels, circumstances, ethnicities, challenges, interests, industries and passions.

Adam Ulissey DCCCD Student
Adam Ulissey is creating a sustainable design for his future, one where he can make a difference in the world as an environmental engineer.
Colby Purcell DCCCD Student
After she earns an associate degree in engineering at Eastfield College, she plans to continue her engineering education, with her dream career to become an aerospace engineer.
Ernesto Bañuelos DCCCD Student
Ernesto Bañuelos is passionate about becoming a mechanical engineer so that he can design robotic systems to help the disabled.
Jereamy Riggs DCCCD Student
Jereamy’s ambitious future plans include finishing his bachelor’s degree, doing graduate work at Berkeley, becoming a college professor, working for a large chemical company and going into research.