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Investigate a full spectrum of highly respected post-secondary academic programs in North Texas to prepare you for STEM careers and help you reach your life goals. From comunity colleges to doctoral degrees, navigate your options here.

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Below is a list of more colleges and universities in the Dallas/ North Texas region and their STEM degree offerings. Click on the school's name to visit their website.

School Name Location Certificates 2 yr Degree 4 yr Degree Postgraduate Degree
Collin College McKinney, TX 5+ 7+
Dallas Baptist University Dallas, TX 2+ 0 20+ 10+
North Central Texas College Gainesville, TX 17+ 20+
Paris Junior College Paris, TX 8+ 24+
Parker University Dallas, TX 5+ 3+ 2+
Paul Quinn College Dallas, TX 1+ 4+
Southern Methodist University Dallas, TX 50+ 40+
Southwestern Adventist University Keene, TX 3+ 27+
Tarrant County College Fort Worth, TX 80+ 7+
Texas A&M University Commerce Commerce, TX 7+ 10+ 6+
Texas Christian University Fort Worth 25+ 40+
Texas Wesleyan University Fort Worth, TX 1+ 11+ 1+
Texas Woman's University Denton, TX 8+ 2+ 25+ 30+
Trinity Valley Community College Athens, TX 8+
University of Phoenix Dallas, TX 10+ 10+ 5+ 1
University of Texas Southwestern - Dallas Campus Dallas, TX 20+
Weatherford College Weatherford, TX 10+ 7+

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