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The number of professional paths and possibilities in STEM are as numerous as the questions we can ask. The options are limitless, and the resources abundant in the North Texas region. As you launch your STEM career, we encourage you to consider STEM INSIGHT as an invaluable partner on your lifetime journey of discovery considering this website your continuing success resource. Connect to continuing education, advanced degrees, certifications, internships, professional networking and noteworthy events – around the corner and across the state.


What You Will Find on This Site

STEM INSIGHT will help you find information about:

  • Professional organizations you might want to join
  • Educational opportunities that could help you in your career
  • Local events to connect you to the local community
  • Volunteer opportunities to give back to the next STEM generation

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Find a super selection of continuously updated STEM resources, including instructional tools, information on professional organizations in our area, and companies that are hiring. 


Local Events

Attend energizing academic, professional and research-related events in your area. Discover creative ways to connect with STEM in your school, career and everyday life.


STEM Careers

Whether you are a student, educator or professional, find the organizations that provide continuing education credits, career-critical certifications and/or valuable networking activities.