Community College Educators


Helping Students Implement a Strategy for Success in STEM

As a STEM educator, you can access a rich portfolio of internship opportunities, mentoring programs, career counseling and extensive financial aid resources for your STEM students in community college. And in North Texas, employers consistently look to community colleges as rich resources of exceptional talent. 

Connect with Tools and Resources for STEM Educators

On STEM INSIGHT, we give you the tools to help you connect your students to potential and possibility. You can:  


Guide to a Student’s Degree in STEM

Whether students are working toward an advanced degree, associate degree or a focused certification, imagination is their only limitation. Consider what a student can achieve in just two years at a community college. 

  • Associate Degree in Applied Science (A.A.S): Delivering a New Degree of Success
  • Certificate Programs: Strengthening Student Expertise
  • Professional Pathways: Accelerating Career Paths with Higher Level of Education 

Helping students see the path and the potential can provide the energy for many students to pursue the STEM journey.

Empower Students with Curiosity

Our goal is to position you with all the information you need to effectively empower students with the curiosity, interest and skills to find the best solutions to the most challenging problems in North Texas.